OmniScope 5ma and 20ma

Omniscope DReam, surgical C-arm equipment coupled with Flat Panel Detector, in detail suitable for both hip as well as aortic prosthesis procedures. Markedly, any kind of surgery is possible due to the wide range of generators & flat detectors. In order to offer appropriate opening & positioning, from bariatric to extremities surgeries the C-arm machine […]

9020Hf For Equine

High Frequency veterinary portable X-Ray: High FrequencyPortable X-ray•Max output power: 1.44kW• kV rating:40~90kV•Weight:13lbs.•2year parts warranty Areas Served: OhioPennsylvaniaWest VirginiaKentuckyIndianaMichigan

240 & 1200 HF Portable X-Ray

High Frequency veterinary portable X-Ray: 1200High FrequencyPortable X-rayGenerator•4.2kW/3.3kW/2.8kW•120kV/80mA•Rotating Collimator ( For Medical)• Skin guard•2 Year parts warranty Areas Served:OhioPennsylvaniaWest VirginiaKentuckyIndianaMichigan

Image-Vet FleXX

Portable Veterinary Dental X-Ray system: Featuring complete portability, the Image-Vet FleXX™ sets the standard for veterinary dental radiography. Image-Vet FleXX™ Areas Served:OhioPennsylvaniaWest VirginiaKentuckyIndianaMichigan

Hologic Selenia Dimensions Mammography System

Digital Mammography System::Hologic Selenia- 24x31cm Digital Detector (2010) Gantry Acquisition Console Lead glass shield X‐Ray Tube Face Shield Dual Function Footswitches (2) Standard Set of Compression Paddles Two sets of footswitches Phantom Manuals. Can be staged. Areas Served:OhioPennsylvaniaWest VirginiaKentuckyIndianaMichigan

RadPro SecurPASS

The RadPRO® SecurPASS® Security Screening System is designed to handle the high-level security needs of prisons, border crossings, jails, and government facilities. Based on unique patented technology, this low-dose X-ray screening system detects many types of illegal substances and weapons, both internally and on the body. Scans in under 8 seconds. Areas Served:OhioPennsylvaniaWest VirginiaKentuckyIndianaMichiganWisconsinMinnesotaIllinois

CoreLabs Ceiling Mounted Radiographic System

The halo tube support provides flexibility to facilitate a wide range of x-ray procedures. Fully counterbalanced, this heavy-duty system can be easily positioned at any selected point within its total range of travel. The x-ray tube rotates a full 360-degrees about its vertical and horizontal axis with mechanical indexing at each 90-degree position. The ergonomic […]

Chison 8300 Vet Ultrasound

Digital ultrasound system: Chison 8300Vet serves the purpose of various veterinary applications such as pregnancy detection, abdomen, cardiology, tendon and small parts. This machine is widely used for bovine, feline, canine, equine etc. Chison 8300 vet ultrasound machine comes with a number of probes, specially designed to capture superior quality images. The machine has two […]

OEC 9900 Elite C-Arm

The GE OEC 9900 is an industry-leading c-arm that provides 1k x 1k high resolution imaging in a convenient, mobile configuration. The unit’s deep arch allows for premium access for cardiovascular and pain management procedures. High definition monitors mounted on an articulating arm allow clinicians to view imaging results from anywhere in the procedure suite. […]

OEC 6800 Mini C-Arm

The GE OEC 6800 is a compact, mini C-arm with touchscreen operation and 1k x 1k 16-bit image processing. Features an on-board CCD camera and advanced image processing software. For more information on the GE OEC 6800 Mini C-arm, available refurbished. Dual 16-inch high resolution monitors. Real-time motion artifact and noise reduction system. Automatic and […]