Floor Mounted Radiology System

The Floor Mounted Digital Radiography System provides advanced digital X-ray capabilities in a convenient and familiar configuration to equip most practices to provide general radiography services. Clinicians will have the imaging flexibility, image resolution, and immediate results in tabletop and standing exams to make informed decisions faster, helping boost throughput and patient satisfaction for your […]

Automated OTC

Perform efficient Digital Radiography exams from almost anywhere in an exam room with a versatile OTC system. Driven by customizable software, the system features a ceiling-mounted X-ray tube that moves about the room to treat patients while lying down, sitting, or standing, including those in a wheelchair or gurney. Your staff will find the ease […]


Only Konica Minolta provides digital radiography productivity dashboards to enable users to get more out of their AeroDR assets. AeroRemote Insights automatically collects and aggregates Konica Minolta X-ray system health and usage data into simple analytical views. A quick glance gives you the insight you need to make smarter decisions to improve departmental efficiencies and patient experience. S-7 and […]


Konica Minolta’s 14″x17″ LT detector designed for General Radiology. With high reliability and capacity to help maximize patient outcomes, productivity, and return on investment. AeroDR LT 14″x17″ detector combined with CS-7 Software delivers the maximum potential for providers to increase image quality through a robust enterprise-caliber user interface. Areas Served: WisconsinMichiganMinnesotaIllinois


The Konica Minolta AeroDR® HD Flat Panel Detector provides extremely high-definition radiographic imaging with the same recommended dose, housed in a lightweight, durable, and highly water-resistant enclosure. AeroDR HD is equally suitable for use on the tray table, in the ER, or as part of a tabletop or cross-table exam, equipping you with more visual […]

ISDC Intraoral – Animal

Intraoral Dental X-Ray SystemImageWorks Veterinary DC technology represents the latest generation in the series of Image-Vet™ Intraoral X-Rays. Featuring intuitive, easy-to-use veterinary-specific software, Image-Vet™ sets the standard for veterinary dental radiography. Thousands of installations are found in universities, major wet labs, veterinary dental training centers, and private practices worldwide. Areas Served: WisconsinMichiganMinnesotaIllinois

Intraskan DC – Human

For dental professionals who need high-resolution images from a robust device that can withstand chaotic office environments as well as changing technology platforms.  Areas Served: WisconsinMichiganMinnesotaIllinois

EVA VET Select II – Animal

Technology has improved over the years and we are pleased to offer the newest generation digital dental imaging system, EVA Vet™ Select II.EVA Vet SELECT II Digital Dental Imaging System.Safer for the animal because of reduced x-ray exposure. Areas Served: WisconsinMichiganMinnesotaIllinois

3D Cone Beam Systems

For dental professionals that need both 3D volumes AND 2D panoramic x-rays to be high resolution.  Areas Served: WisconsinMichiganMinnesotaIllinois

2D Panoramic Cephalometric X-rays

The Panoura 18S and its Direct Conversion Sensor: for Dental Professionals who want to maximize the information from their panoramic X-rays and DESPISE retakes. Areas Served: WisconsinMichiganMinnesotaIllinois