MDR Portable

The MDR mobile imaging system was designed to handle a wide range of clinical applications in nearly any imaging environment, including intensive care units, hospitals, and orthopedic facilities. Powered by an onboard 40kW high-frequency generator, 300kHu X-ray tube, and the user-friendly DELWORKS image acquisition workstation, the MDR is intended to be an all-inclusive mobile imaging […]

IN Series

DEL MEDICAL’S IN-Series is an advanced high-frequency X-Ray generator designed for all diagnostic X-Ray applications including radiography, fluoroscopy, and interventional procedures. An enhanced set of hardware and software features provides faster communication and more reliable operation reducing the dose and improving image quality, together with customized interfaces for many types of X-Ray systems and components. […]

Generators AN Series

The ANTHEM operates in three user-friendly modes; APR (Anatomically Programmed Radiography), 2-point or 3-point technique set-up and allows customization of operation to meet the needs of the particular practice and the preferences of the technologist. Simply choose the region of interest, select the desired examination, then select patient size to display the pre-programmed technique. The […]

FWFC Tubestand

The FWFC tube stand offers an affordable, flexible design ideal for medical imaging centers, orthopedic, and urgent care centers looking to maximize space and minimize room modifications. Secure floor and wall-mounted rails allow for effortless longitudinal travel and quick positioning. Its tube stand features an analog angulation dial, pressure-activated 180° column rotation, electric vertical and […]


The FMT18M System was designed with features proven to optimize workflow, patient care, and technologist productivity. This floor-mounted configuration is ideal for imaging environments requiring high-volume throughputs, such as hospital radiology departments and medical imaging centers. Areas Served:ArkansasMississippiTennesseeLouisianaTexas


The FMT18T Digital Radiographic System was designed with features proven to optimize workflow, patient care, and technologist productivity. The floor-mounted configuration makes it ideal for smaller imaging environments requiring low ceiling installations, such as urgent care and orthopedic facilities. FMT18T systems are built to withstand medium to high volume throughput. Areas Served:ArkansasMississippiTennesseeLouisianaTexas


The Del Medical FMT System offers an economical, compact design ideal for hospital radiology departments, medical imaging centers, and orthopedic facilities looking to maximize space and avoid costly room modifications. The secure 10 ft floor-mounted rail allows for effortless longitudinal travel and quick positioning. The FMT System was developed to keep costs low while also […]


The durable EV800 elevating four-way float top table delivers outstanding safety and usability. Featuring an exclusive four-point lift system and exceptionally quiet motor drive, its smooth, scratch-resistant tabletop lowers to a height of just 22” to ensure stress-free patient transfers and adjustments. Offering a high patient weight capacity of up to 800lbs (363 kg), stable […]


The DELWORKS EDR Upgrade delivers exceptional diagnostic imaging using a powerful image acquisition and processing software, Cesium Iodide (CsI) detector options, and specialty features such as Auto Exposure Detection (AED) technology. Its interface features a hassle-free, single console workflow designed to simplify every step of the examination procedure. This provides technologists with fast image preview […]

Del Vision

The Vision R is a surgical, feature-rich mobile system designed to perform a wide range of fluoroscopic applications. Its refined movement capabilities, high resolution, and dose efficiency make it a smart solution for procedures in surgery, orthopedics, urology, cardiology, and pain management. Areas Served:ArkansasMississippiTennesseeLouisianaTexas