Vet Ray Standard Vet Radiographic Room

The Vet-Ray line of X-ray solutions is created by the world’s largest X-ray manufacturer, Sedecal. Our team of experts and remote support staff are always on duty to assist you. Anatomical Programming (APR) APR decreases workflow time for imaging and provides consistent image quality image after image. Simply select body part and thickness. No technique chart required. 4-way Float Top Table The standard 5 ft. 4-way float top table allows for easy, convenient and safe positioning of the patient. Designed specifically for veterinary application it has a built-in fully adjustable tie-down rail track. A larger big breed 6 ft tabletop or shorter feline 3 ft table top option is available. Compact High Frequency Generator The state of the art, solid state ultra-compact High Frequency X-ray generator is small enough to fit inside the table base. This makes the table base footprint of the SDX the smallest in the industry. The standard X-ray generator is a 32kW, 400 mA, 125 kVp and 500 mAs Single Phase 220VAC. There are many optional kW ratings of X-ray generator options including 3 phase 208 VAC and 480 VAC. Hands Free Collimator Light Control This allows the operator to keep hands on the patient for convenient and safe positioning.

Areas Served:
West Virginia

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