Fuji FDX Console

The FDX Console is the heart of every FDR and FCR system. It represents the culmination of Fujifilm’s extensive experience in image and information processing. The sophisticated interface is intuitive and customizable, and enables fast, easy exam completion and image optimization Areas Served:VirginiaNorth CarolinaSouth Carolina

Carestream DRX Excell R/F Fluoroscopy Systems

The DRX-Excel System* gives you capabilities for both general radiography and Fluoroscopy exams in a single system and at a very attractive price. The system is also available in a choice of two models to match your needs and workflow: A conventional configuration, utilizing film or CR cassettes or our wireless DRX-Detector for radiology and […]

Carestream Directview CR Systems

Carestream’s DIRECTVIEW CR systems are designed to streamline patient throughput, speed work­flow and increase cost-efficiency. Two computed radiography models allow you to choose the plates-per-hour performance that matches your facility’s needs. Whatever your CR choice, you can count on excellent image quality, a space-saving footprint and easy, user-friendly operation. Areas Served:VirginiaNorth CarolinaSouth Carolina

Universal Raymaster

The Universal Chiropractic System effectively combines flexibility, efficiency and affordability. The system will instantly improve patient workflow by eliminating the use of cassettes and developing conventional x-ray film. Instead, Universal Chiropractic Systems are powered by the intuitive Vieworks DR system giving technologists access to high resolution digital imaging and processing capabilities. Areas Served:VirginiaNorth CarolinaSouth Carolina

Bennett DC-4

The DC-4 system offers chiropractors conventional radiography at the best possible price. The 360 generator exceeds single-phase expectations by offering unique time stations and mA station, optimizing imaging capability. The single-phase system provides reliable performance at an economical price. Areas Served:VirginiaNorth CarolinaSouth Carolina

Bennett DC-3

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, the Bennett HF-30 generator employs internal self-diagnostics and sophisticated self-testing, capable of making vital changes during the x-ray exposure to ensure the integrity of the exposure is faultless. Areas Served:VirginiaNorth CarolinaSouth Carolina

Bennett DC-1

The single most important consideration when investing in a new x-ray system is High-Frequency technology. It has revolutionized chiropractic radiography. More powerful than conventional single-phase or three-phase generators, High-Frequency technology has become the industry standard. The Bennett HF-30B generator with 500 mA and 600 mAs high-frequency output delivers the benefits of reduced patient exposure, maximum […]

AmRad Medical Classic AC400

AmRad™ AC400 System combines affordability with flexibility. Extensive travel of the tubestand accommodates a wide selection of radiographic procedures. Economical yet full-featured, the AC400 can be configured to meet the needs of any department. Compact design for facilities with space constraints. Economical and versatile to meet the budgetary requirements of the facility. Areas Served:VirginiaNorth CarolinaSouth […]

AmRad Medical Advantage OTS

The OTS Elite from AMRAD Medical delivers maximum capability and is designed for use in Hospitals, High-Volume Orthopedics, and Free-Standing ERs. Loaded with convenience features like rotational receptor trays, patient overhead grip and table-top lock release and elevation handle. Technologist-friendly features, such as color-coded annotations and the ability to turn on or off auto-tracking with […]

AmRad Medical Advantage FMT

AmRad Medical Advantage FMT is a high-quality alternative to the DFMT. The robust FMT offers the versatility and functionality of the DFMT with an analog SID readout for more conservative imaging budgets. Excellent Value – A cost-efficient precision imaging suite Built To Last – A heavy-duty, continuous-column tubestand allows for stable floor-mounting. Highest-Capacity Elevating Table […]