RF Series

The RF Series X-ray generators are the standard for a wide range of radiography and fluoroscopy systems. The modular design of the RF family incorporates high versatility and excellent adaptation to all requirements of radiography and fluoroscopy applications. The generators for standard X-ray tube assemblies are available with nominal power from 30 kW to 80 […]

Regius 110

Despite being a small single-slot CR with a footprint of 0.27 m2, it is capable of high-speed processing, up to 77 plates/hour (14″×17″ size) with a cassette feeding/loading time of 47 seconds (14″×17″ size), contributing to quicker and more efficient X-ray examinations Areas Served:ArkansasMississippiTennesseeLouisianaTexas


Multilayer, square field, manual collimation system with a lightweight and compact design intended for installation on mobile and stationary X-ray equipment. This device has been designed and manufactured for skeletal investigations and ER applications. Areas Served:ArkansasMississippiTennesseeLouisianaTexas