Universal DR

Universal DR is the fastest and most sensible solution for direct digital radiography from Konica Minolta. Universal DR is a wireless digital radiography solution that offers exceptional image quality and the right mix of advanced image processing features and simplified software for all general radiography applications. Offered in 14” x 17” and 17″ x 17″ […]

Performance DR

Konica Minolta has created PerformanceDR, the wireless DR solution that offers the convenience of Automatic Exposure Detection (AeroSync®) eliminating the connection to the generator, and the outstanding performance of Konica Minolta Digital Radiography detectors.AeroSync – No connection to the generator needed.Choice of ULTRA or CS-7 image acquisition. Industry-leading 7-year warranty on the power cell. Areas […]

Image Pilot AERO

For facilities with continuous, high volume imaging, the ImagePilot® Aero is an innovative wireless Digital Radiography imaging solution that provides superlative image quality, X-ray dose efficiency, and significantly increased productivity all while assisting with long-term cost management. Areas Served: WisconsinMichiganMinnesotaIllinois


Konica Minolta’s 14″x17″ LT detector designed for General Radiology. With high reliability and capacity to help maximize patient outcomes, productivity, and return on investment. AeroDR LT 14″x17″ detector combined with CS-7 Software delivers the maximum potential for providers to increase image quality through a robust enterprise-caliber user interface. Areas Served: WisconsinMichiganMinnesotaIllinois


The Konica Minolta AeroDR® HD Flat Panel Detector provides extremely high-definition radiographic imaging with the same recommended dose, housed in a lightweight, durable, and highly water-resistant enclosure. AeroDR HD is equally suitable for use on the tray table, in the ER, or as part of a tabletop or cross-table exam, equipping you with more visual […]

Canon CXDI-DR Tablet

Easily make the move to digital radiography. The Solution consists of a tablet* and choice of a wireless CXDI Digital Radiography (DR) System, which includes CXDI Control Software NE. The CXDI Control Software NE’s auto-detection mode allows the CXDI detector to automatically detect X-rays at exposure without the use of a typical X-ray generator interface. […]

Canon CXDI-810C

Canon’s next generation wireless small size detector line-up takes you to new heights of possibilities in Digital Radiography. Reduced weight, waterproof, on-board memory and enhanced detector design are just a few of the clinically beneficial new features. The CXDI-810C Wireless system ensures best performance in workflow, sensitivity, image quality and versatility. Areas Served:WisconsinMichiganMinnesotaIllinois

Canon CXDI-801C

The CXDI 801C Wireless DR System is light and easy to handle, weighing only 5.1 pounds (with battery). This cassette-size detector has an approximate 11 x 14 inch imaging area, and is useful for a wide range of patients, including infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Areas Served:WisconsinMichiganMinnesotaIllinois

Canon CXDI-702C

The Canon CXDI-702C/402C wireless digital radiography systems are designed to support the demands of medical imaging departments for cost-effective solutions without compromise. These latest generation wireless detectors provide features that optimize workflow and offer the high quality and reliability that you have come to expect from Canon. Areas Served:WisconsinMichiganMinnesotaIllinois

Canon CXDI-701C

Canon’s CXDI-701C Wireless, cassette-size digital radiography system gives you more freedom for easy retrofit and upgrading options. The CXDI-701C Wireless system ensures best performance in workflow, sensitivity, image quality and versatility. Areas Served:WisconsinMichiganMinnesotaIllinois